Nike Outlet

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Nike factory outlet

Nike factory outlet use to sell old & dead stocks .A shoes life consider 12 to 24 month after they start a aging process . You will find in most of factory out the use to sale discounted product which carry old manufacturing date. Nike Store is brand store they alway keep fresh stock and latests style.

Nike store

Nike store keeps shoes that are latest and they come directly from the warehouse, they are generally priced at the retail price unless there is some discount or something going on..

Whereas in the case of factory outlets, they have shoes which have been rejected from the stores or the ones which were not sold during their stay at the store. you generally get shoes at a discounted rate here

Which Nike shoe is the best for running?

By far, the most beloved Nike running shoe of all time (for real runners... not for fashion wearers) is the Nike Pegasus line.

The most recent model is the Pegasus 32. I have run long distances races in the Pegasus and they have been wonderful. I also wear shoes from other brands, so I have an accurate point of comparison.

Contrary to what someone else in this thread answered, I would NEVER wear an Air Max running shoe for actual running. Air Max shoes are not often worn by distance runners (never worn by professional distance runners) and they are marketed by Nike to fashion wearers. Wearing an Air Max model for actual running is the best way to get laughed at by real runners.

Where can I find factory outlets in Mumbai?

In Parel u find some of the factory outlets hand in hand people who stay after borivali then please do visit to dahisar check naka even there u find some branded factory outlets like Nike and puma etc. And specially to those who are fond of Lee Cooper please do visit chembur so there u find a factory outlet of that

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