Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Our experience is known and respected in a variety of industries, from automobiles to fashion, from jewelry to cosmetics, fields where mediocrity is strictly forbidden. With the acquisition of a Canon C6000, we are prepared to every challenge of an increasingly demanding market.
Using cutting-edge equipment and highly skilled operators, we have established a position as market leader, validated by a significant number of clients for whom high quality is an absolute requirement.

Thanks to our new machine, we can provide various up-market products (lookbooks, institutional presentations, sample books and other catalogues) that are positioned at the high end of the market and that turn out to be remarkably profitable and economically advantageous when compared to conventional printing in print runs lower than 1,000.

Digital printing systems open new horizons and diverse possibilities, not in opposition to traditional processes but rather complementary, in that they expand the range of solutions available today for printed goods. The 30-year experience of Fratelli Colombo Fotolito has taught that a winning approach to the market means careful planning and a quality product. Turning then to professionals who are able to manage the project as a whole opens the possibility of exploring different and original options, not excessively marked up and thus affordable. To achieve this, one obviously needs the ability to manage an entire project, starting with the shoot, moving on to the creation of new graphic solutions, followed by the preparation of the proofs and finally the fine-tuning and testing of the printing phase. Choosing digital printing is not just a question of the supplier having the right equipment, but should be considered a strategic choice that enables the development of innovative products which in turn lead to new opportunities.

Even before being printed, paper is already able to communicate. In addition to conveying different sensations through an infinite range of colors and tonalities, it also transmits mood and attitude: whether laid, watermarked, woven, vellum, glossy or pearlescent, paper stimulates the sense of touch, to which people respond in a very direct way.   

Creating top-quality products for the high end of the market with digital printing is no longer a dream but a reality. It is a plus, an additional resource for those who are always looking for new solutions that diversify the options of printing and related services in order to target a niche of greater value and distinguish themselves through a more diversified range of products. Hexachromy, for example, is probably easier to obtain with digital systems than with conventional printing, and in some cases can even be less costly.
Certain images printed in the maximum format perfectly capture the expansion of the chromatic range that it is possible to achieve.  

The result is obtained in a more linear and less complex way compared to conventional systems, since the “raw materials” are digital data right up until the actual printing output. RGB shots are converted in the color spaces of the machine and then mapped in terms of the various output options, at which point the file is ready to print. It’s also easy to try all of the four different solutions presented and then choose the one that is best suited to the subject – an approach that would be unthinkably expensive with traditional processes!

Each phase of the printing process is executed with maximum care. The studio has specially selected equipment that ensures quality and precision in the delicate task of making the finished product presentable.

Among the main services offered:
- Cutting
- Lamination
- Collating and folding
- Creasing
- Perforation and corner trimming
- Stapling
- Paperback binding
- Spiral binding
- Finished packaging